I may head a successful Life Science company today, but I am not different from you. The day my Father Struggled to repay the loan to complete my Post Graduation in Biotechnology seems like yesterday. The financially tough times I faced as a kid has indeed taught me the value of every penny.

I have spent time with people from all walks of life and experienced the attachment every family in our country has for the family members. Family in an Indian household is more than a set of ornaments. It's an bonding for the future. It provides  security for the entire family. I know the financial strain, personal involvement, and time you spend while paying hospital bills of dear ones. That's why I have endeavoured with passion for so many years to try and reduce the cost of owning Health Supplements'. Presently we are dealing with Spirulina - A Super Food and Health Supplement.

Today I write to you not as the Chairman & Managing Director of Life Science Company, but as a head of the family. And what I want to say to you can be put very simply as follows: while buying Spirulina, do not pay more than what is right — not a rupee more. And, this is important, ensure the Spirulina you buy has all the Organic Certifications and Symbols printed on the product.

At CVR Life Sciences, we have always strived to live by the tenets of great quality and fair prices.

Over the years, my team and I have ensured openness and transparency. We sell only Organic Certified Spirulina. We have a vast range of product forms and our craftsmen are some of the best in the industry.